SinoVital Cranberry fruit D.E. ≥ 25% Proanthocyanidins

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SinoVital Bilberry fruit D.E. 25% Anthocyanidins

  • Binomial nomenclature: Vaccinium macrocarpon, L.
  • Titration: ≥ 25% Proanthocyanidins (PAC) UV
  • Plant part: Fruit
  • Properties: antioxidant, depurative, preventing urinary tract infections, draining and intestine wellness

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Belonging to the subgenus Oxycoccus, Cranberry is a low-growing perennial shrub that produces white or pink flowers between May and June and the distinctive red berries in Autumn season. It is native to the northeastern and north-central areas of North America, but it’s naturalised in many areas of China and Europe, where it grows in mountains, forests, daps and along rivers. Because of their low sugar and high acid content, V. macrocarpon berries possess a distinguishing sour taste and are rich in proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, tannin and vitamin C.

Cranberry fruit dry extract is extremely popular as a functional food due to its antioxidant action and its depurative and draining properties, and recent research supports its efficacy in preventing urinary tract infections.

Botanical information

Family Ericaceae
Genus Vaccinium
Species Vaccinium macrocarpon, Ait.
Plant part Fruit (Fructus)
Excipient None
Extraction method Ethanol/water
Extract ratio 50/1
Shelf life 24 months
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Regulatory information

Heavy Metals Compliant with Reg. EU 629/2008
Food grade Compliant with Reg. EU 178/2002
Contaminants Compliant with Reg. EU 1881/2006 and further amendments
Pesticides Compliant with Reg. EU 396/2005 and further amendments
Allergen Compliant with Reg. EU 1169/2011, Annex II and further amendments; no risks of Cross contamination detected
TSE/BSE Compliant with Reg. (EC) 999/2001 and following amendments
Melamine Melamine free (Reg. (UE) 594/2012)
Latex Latex free
Aflatoxine Aflatoxin B1 < 5ppb; Total aflatoxin (B1+B2+G1+G2) < 10ppb
PAH Compliant with Reg. EU 1933/2015
Nanomaterials Compliant with Reg. EU 696/2011
Solvents Compliant with Reg. 2009/32/EC
Dioxins Dioxins free
GMOs GMOs free and compliant with Reg. EU 1829/2003 and Reg. EU 1830/2003
Not irradiated Compliant
Vegan suitable Compliant
Kosher & Halal Compliant

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Box weight 25 kg
Box size 55 × 42 × 33 cm
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