SinoHyal FG-M (1.000-1.600) KDa

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  • Quick intestinal absorption
  • Natural HA building blocks provider
  • Long-lasting HA production
  • Effective joint lubricant
  • Osteoarthritis pain-reliever

Available now!

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1 - 5 $186,00
6+ $177,00


SinoHyal FG-M, quickly absorbed by the organism, plays a paramount role in promoting an enduring physiological hyaluronic acid production within joint lubrication. As such, this hyaluronic acid supplement is extremely helpful in enhancing articulation mobility and confront several types of degenerative joint diseases, such as osteoarthritis, which is usually caused by the slow and progressive breakdown of hyaline cartilage over the years.

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Box weight 25 kg
Box size 55 × 42 × 33 cm
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