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Privacy Policy



1 The data and/or information of individual (“Personal data”) may be collected, used and processed by the Seller within the scope of the contractual relationship between the parties, including, without limitation, (i) contacting, negotiating or communicating for the purpose of execution and performance of the contract, or (ii) promotion and marketing of the products; provided that, in the event that the use of Personal data is out of the scope of contractual relationship, the Seller must expressly inform the individual of the purpose, scope, territory and method of use separately, and the use must be approved by the individual.



2 Personal data herein includes, without limitation, name of individual, date of birth, ID number, address, contact information, trading account number and any other information that may be used to directly or indirectly identify a natural person. Within the scope of Personal data, the Customer or individual has rights to make inquiry or review, request for copy, supplement or correct, demand the cessation of the collection or use, or erase his/her personal data in writing.



3 The Seller will process the data of the Customer (including Personal data) with IT System in order to perform law and contractual obligations. The data of the Customer will never be communicated to third parties, except to contractual obligation.

卖方将使用IT系统处理客户的資料(包括個人資料),以履行法律和合同义务。 除履行合同义务所需外,客戶资料绝不会为第三方所知。


4 As the Seller has affiliates both in Taiwan and offshore, it may use its resources and servers globally to provide services or products to its Customers. Therefore, upon Customer’s confirmation, the data of the Customer may be transferred out of Taiwan or accessed by other affiliates or business partners of the Seller.

由于卖方在台灣和境外都建立有关联公司,因此卖方可以在全球范围内利用资源和服务器向其客户提供服务或产品。 因此,经客户确认后,客户资料可转出台灣或由賣方之其他關係企業或合作方取得。

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