Traceability & sustainability blazing trails for ingredients market

▻ We are entering a New Green normal where, now more than ever, consumers wish to be aware that what they’re buying is safe, not only for them but for the environment as well. The customer’s increasing desire to know is indeed one of the main trends bound to reshape company policies for 2021 and many years to come. 

Due to the peculiar conditions we were subjected to during 2020, this past year saw a rising number of people becoming more aware, sensible and discerning when it comes to buying their products. As such, the ingredient sector hasn’t been left untouched by this gradual and yet radical shift of behaviour. Whether or not the pandemic has driven increased consumer scrutiny of products, people are definitely thinking more about their products’ history. As far as the ingredient market is concerned, New Hope Network data shows how more than half of consumers are concerned about how ingredients are sourced, manufactured and distributed. Consumers are desiring to know products’ life-cycles and make awareness-based purchases. 

In the Health & Wellness market, this is especially true for consumers who are younger, more ethnically diverse and who already regularly purchase natural and organic foods. This new kind of consumer is seeking traceability and reliability on whether production processes and supply chains are sustainable, respectful for the environment and for our planet. For this very reason, solid partnerships between ingredient suppliers and manufacturers have never been more paramount. Trust between supplier and brand leads to high-quality, sustainable products that sprout confidence, loyalty and, in turn, trust between brand and consumer.

Sustainability is not a mere philosophical concept anymore: it’s a new basis, an essential benchmark for daily actions, fruitful partnerships and future prospects. Our economic growth must coexist in harmony with the relationship between natural resources and their renewal speed. Overexploiting natural resources will have a damaging aftermath on future generations and for this reason we need to respect our planet’s pace of regeneration.

As stakeholders in the Health & Wellness Community, at Sino LifeSciences we embrace this new green normal, sourcing the best eco-sustainable ingredients directly from our trusted partners all over the world which adopt the most modern and sustainable manufacturing technologies. Such is the case with our SinoHyal line, for which we opt for bio-fermented hyaluronic acid, much more sustainable and with a reduced risk of biological contamination than the traditional animal-derived or chemically-synthesised ones. 

The connection between the ingredient market and the growing awareness of consumers makes sustainability and traceability themes in constant evolution. Sustainability, in fact, doesn’t always have to come in revolutionary fashion: it doesn’t take just major changes, but rather small steps and must be ongoing. We believe that each and every small, repeated improvement that reduces wastes, optimises deliveries or enhances quality provides a positive change in the health and wellness of our world. For us every small action is a step on this new trail traceability and sustainability are blazing for the ingredients market.