much more still to come

Hyaluronic acid is just getting started,
the American Chemical Society says

Hyaluronans: much more still still to come

Hyaluronic acid is just getting started, the American Chemical Society says

In May, the periodical newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society, Chemical & Engineering News, entirely dedicated a detailed cover story to depict the essentials of Hyaluronic Acid and its seemingly endless uses.

The Health & Wellness community was intrigued by this polymer ever since its early days, when scientists soon became to grasp Hyaluronans’ versatility, ubiquity and its relevance in a plethora of biochemical processes. Even today, despite a bottomless list of scientific studies and extensive researches, we still have to fully unravel the multitude of secrets and the vast potential of this miracle molecule.

Nowadays Hyaluronic Acid is a huge business with the potential to get even bigger. Market research company Grand View Research estimated HA’s related global market around $20 billion in 2019. Even more importantly, HA’s market shows no sign of slowing down: the polymer’s value as a performing, safe and promise-keeper ingredient is solid in the consumer’s mind.

This aspect becomes particularly relevant since customers are developing awareness and an increased desire to know, a topic we previously discussed in our article about the skincare trends bound to take over in 2021. In an era where people’s attention is shifting from marketing claims to lists of ingredients, Hyaluronic Acid is reinforcing is position as one that always delivers.

Furthermore, new under-walked paths are emerging. For instance, when it comes to the edible beauty trend, we’ve just scratched the surface of the potential of oral intake of food-grade Hyaluronans such as our SinoHyal FG line. Space for new opportunities and ventures is being created every day just beneath our eyes.

As such, even though the Hyaluronans market is already quite crowded, experts’ opinion is that there’s still much room for growth. New HA-containing products are constantly emerging and scientist and developers keep working on new formulations and combinations, new applications and new fields to explore. With such innovation on the horizon, we’re confident Hyaluronans will stay relevant for many years to come.

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