Holistic beauty, multitasking make-up and sustainability high on the agenda

▻ 2020 has been a particular year for the profound impact it had on our daily life and, thus, on our consumptions. Since the cosmetic sector does not make exception, it’s important to outline the evolution of the emerging trends and identify strategies to meet the new needs of the consumers. 

This past year saw the spread of a new accessory which has become an indispensable tool for protecting our health: the face mask. The necessity to wear masks deeply reshaped the cosmetic sector, slowing down some popular trends while, at the same time, speeding up the adoption of new cosmetic solutions. On the one hand, in fact, this new face-accessory and the great amount of time spent at home led many consumers to hold back on make-up, favouring a more natural, clean-beauty look, driven by the increasingly popular “less is more” paradigm.

On the other hand, though, the market will witness a further popularity increase of skincare home solutions, a trend which is taking place for three main interrelated reasons. The first motive lies in the fact that the less-is-more paradigm encourages us to take care of our skin in order to keep it healthy and enhance a clean-beauty appearance. It looks like because of face masks, people are moving towards long-lasting plumping treatments instead of one-day color out of convenience. The second reason is that masks, though vital in containing coronavirus, can also be hard on our skin, causing problems like acne, rashes or peeling skin. Third, as previously established, there is a direct connection between skin health and the stress levels we can find ourselves to deal with during the rollercoaster times of this pandemic era. 

To prevent such issues, we, as stakeholders in the health and wellness community, would like to highlight the importance of constantly maintaining our skin healthy and hydrated. Daily applications of products that contain natural moisturisers, such as SinoHyal hyaluronic acid, deliver a long-lasting nourishing effect to our skin and prevent it from persistent dryness and crepiness. 

For the reasons set out so far, 2021 is also going to be a decisive year for hybridisation between skincare and make-up. In fact, when make-up is needed, not only consumers will be interested in mask-proof and no-transfer make-ups, but also to non-comedogenic or “won’t clog pores” products which can keep a flourishing dermis system even beneath a mask. We will especially witness an increase of multi-function and all-in-one make-up products able to meet the multiple interrelated needs of health and beauty.

Moreover, with salons and spas closed and little or no access to their trusted beauty experts, in 2020 many people had to learn how to take care of their skin within the confines of their homes. And, in then the process, they have often become more aware, sensible and discerning. 

From now on, it’s safe to expect consumers will be paying more attention towards not only the effectiveness and safety of the products they’re buying, but also towards their sustainability, a topic which we’ll investigate deeper in the next few weeks. According to many experts, now more people than ever wish to know that their skincare is safe for them and for the environment. The customer’s increasing desire to know is a trend that, though already been heading upwards for some years, is bound to gain even more momentum in 2021.

In recent years and with the complicity of the peculiar period we are going through, in our society it has emerged an idea that will be further strengthened in 2021: beauty starts from within. Taking care of our body, in fact, makes us feel good and gives us not only physical, but also mental wellbeing. Next year, therefore, there will be a growth in the market of products containing those ingredients that can help consumers to proactively take care of their health and those which promote beautyfrom-within effects. In the pandemic era, vitamins, minerals, botanical ingredients and hyaluronic acid supplements are among those which increased in popularity the most and we are positive that holistic skincare will be a trending topic for many years to come.