Shipping methods & delivery times


1. Unless otherwise agreed, goods are always sent and moving at Customer’s risk and on its behalf. Therefore, any burden and cost shall be borne by the Customer; the delivery is ex-works, unless otherwise agreed (Ex Works – INCOTERMS 2010).

除非另有约定,货物的发货和运输始终以客户的名义作出并由客户承担风险。 因此,任何负担和费用应由客户承担;除非另有约定,交货方式为工厂交货(2010年国际贸易术语解释通则中所指工厂交货)。

2. In any case, unless otherwise agreed, the risks are associated to the Customer not later than with the delivery to the first carrier.


3. The Seller is not obliged to supply attestations or certificates not expressly provided in the contract, or to obtain licenses, authorizations or any other document required for the import/export or for the transit of the goods on the territory of a foreign Country. Nevertheless, upon request, the Seller may collaborate with the Customer in order to obtain the above-mentioned documents, at the risk and the expense of the Customer.

卖方没有提供合同中未明确规定的证明或证书的义务,也没有取得货物进出口或在外国境内过境所需的许可证、授权书或任何其他文件的义务。 但是,应要求,卖方可与客户通过合作获得上述文件,风险和费用由客户承担。

4. The Delivery Times, indicated in the order confirmation, are indicative and not peremptory time, therefore, the delay is not a reason to cancel the order by the Customer and it is not a right for this latter to request to the Seller any compensation. The Delivery Times indicated in the order confirmation express the stock availability, therefore, it is necessary to consider the time needed for delivering goods at the place of destination provided.

订单确认书中注明的为指示性而非强制性的交货时间,因此,客户不得以延误为理由取消订单,且无权要求卖方赔偿。 订单确认书中注明的交货时间表示有存货,因此,有必要考虑在规定的目的地交货所需的时间。

5. In any case, the possible delay due to force majeure (as means in the art. 9 of General Sales Conditions)  is not imputable to the Seller or to acts or omissions of the Customer (for example, not providing information necessary for the supply of goods).