CHIMETE: Organic Synthesis & Analytical Research

Chimete provides research and development services in the area of organic synthesis and analytical research, with a special focus on pharmaceutical specialties, food supplements, cosmetic and herbal products.

In over 26 years of activity Chimete has developed several collaborations with international research centres, which allow the company to successfully manage complex and multifunctional projects, always guaranteeing high operating and quality standards.


Synthesis Laboratory

Experimental synthesis studies; development, optimization and scale up of chemical processes for chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. Specifically, the synthesis lab prepares:

  • Standards of non-commercial molecules
  • Scaffold for combinatorial libraries
  • Impurities of active ingredients
  • Metabolites of active ingredients
  • Enantiomerically pure compounds
  • Stable isotopes

Analysis Laboratory

Development and validation of analytical methods, stability studies. In particular, the analysis laboratory offers:

  • R&D of analytical methods
  • Analysis and certification of active ingredients
  • Structural analysis, isolation and recognition of impurities and metabolites
  • Validation of analytical methods
  • Stress stability studies

Research and analythical chemical development

Research projects and development of analytical methods, with particular experience in the field of products of natural origin, stability studies, validation of analytical methods.

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