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Fine Chemicals
for LifeScience solutions

Sino LifeScience is a smart company aimed at reshaping the traditional market approach to the fine-chemicals value chain. Commitment, transparency, continuity and a lean & fast structure are the four pillars we lay our foundations upon. These are the cornerstones of our essence which drives our ambitious vision. 

With these values in mind, we are able to deliver flexible quantities of fine-quality cosmetic and nutraceutical ingredients with safety, accuracy and consistency.

As more and more B2B buyers converge online to carry out their corporate purchases, they are bringing along high expectations for an easy, convenient and personal digital customer experience.

Increasingly, business buyers look for an “Amazon-like” experience on the job as they do at home. Still, B2B eCommerce is complex and flexible. Giving online business buyers an easy, fast and personal “direct-to-consumer” experience for their corporate purchasing calls for a solid strategy and a service-innovation mindset. 

Our straightforward eProcurement platform allows our partners to enjoy a simple, laboursaving and effective online purchase experience.

For we firmly believe in the importance of the human factor, our eProcurement platform also provides a direct and efficient channel of communication which enables us to guarantee a tailor-made relationship with our partners. As such, each user can individually and privately discuss orders personalisations and sales conditions. 

At Sino LifeScience we focus on service innovation and quality. Our ingredients are always produced as per our specifications abiding by laws and regulations concerning Labour, Human Rights and Environment protection.

Our suppliers adopt the most modern and sustainable manufacturing technologies and are audited by an Independent International Company. They all boast certified knowledge and professionalism in their own area of expertise, embodying the state-of-the-art innovation and ultimate excellence of LifeSciences.

We are committed to forwarding quality for customers’ absolute satisfaction and we value sustainability, traceability and reliability. Our commercial team is defined by a trend-setting approach and a consolidated experience in Pharma, Health & Personal Care. Our biochemical knowhow is nourished by the well-established, durable relationship with ROELMI group.

Sino LifeScience
Encompassing together the future of fine-chemicals eProcurement

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