Fine Chemicals

At Sino LifeScience we focus on service innovation and quality. Our ingredients are always produced as per our specifications by reliable manufacturers audited by an Independent International Company. They all boast certified knowledge and professionalism in their own area of expertise, embodying the state-of-the-art innovation and ultimate excellence of LifeSciences.

We are committed to forwarding quality for customers’ absolute satisfaction and we value sustainability, traceability and reliability. Our experience and our knowhows are nourished by the well-established, durable relationship with ROELMI group, with more than 30 years of experience in the Health & Personal Care market.

Through global connections
with qualified manufacturers,
we scout, source & supply
your LifeScience ingredients

Quality & safety

a third-party partner for quality & efficacy tests

We operate under the guidelines and following the standards of Complife Group, a third-party company that has been guaranteeing safety and efficay for over 30 years. Through their expertise we are able to set the hightest bar in terms of regulations-compliancy and quality standards.


monitored through an international platform

We are member of a multi-company International Regulatory Platform which allows us to constantly monitor and anticipate the ever-evolving regulatory framework and support our customers with the most updated information.

Tailor-made solutions

Thanks to the partnership with CHIMETE we are able to offer development, optimization and scale up of chemical processes for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, as well as tailored synthesis of hard-to-find molecules and titration for specific ingredients.

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A glocal presence

HQ & warehouse in Taiwan
Logistic hub & commercial office in UE
Boots-on-the-ground scouting force

A glocal reach: global to span across multiple contries, local to support our customers swiftly and effectively.

Agile & global logistics

worldwide shipping by air, land and sea

We partner with an international freight forwarding company with over 50 branches in 20 different countries worldwide, able to offer flexible and competitive air, sea and land services & couriers.


through an extensive network of manufacturing partners

Our network of manufacturing partners and a global sourcing hub enable us to deliver both standard and tailored ingredients. We audit and qualify our partners according to industry-leading standards in terms of traceability, quality, regulatory compliance, safety, and efficacy.


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