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We are a smart company structured around a solid scientific knowledge and a modern perspective to commercial management, vowed to reshape the traditional approach to fine chemicals procurement. Through our value constellation network across the world, we deliver customer satisfaction acting as matchmakers between needs and solutions. 


Within the rapid development of the cosmetic and nutraceutical industry, the transparency of the product’s life-cycle is acquiring an increasingly prominent role. We proudly plunge the roots of our technical expertise and operational knowhow within the longtime and trusting relationship with ROELMI group.


We believe building long-term business relationships with our partners is paramount to thrive. Through a direct communication channel with producers, we are consistently able to supply our costumers with added-value ingredients, always produced as per our specifications. We are open to collaborations in order to produce tailor-made ingredients and solutions.

Lean & Fast

In the challenging landscape of today’s business, we have a clear vision of the path to service innovation. We are here to encompass together the future of fine-chemicals eProcurement and give digital business buyers what they want: speed, quality, simplicity and personal touch. 

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